Day 6: Attempting to Reconnect

Level at the start of day 6: 10

What I learned since last time:

  • I actually do have an alt key, I’m just an idiot (it’s the option key; it says alt in the top left corner in smaller letters)
  • I was so excited to gain access to the teleport spell when I hit level 6, but I was dismayed to find that you can only teleport to your own turrets on the minimap. This was not what I wanted to use the spell for – I wanted to use it to get back to fights quickly, which usually take place in enemy territory (assuming we’re winning). I looked it up, and someone said that you can teleport to a minion from far away if you unlock your camera, scroll over to where you want to go, and then click on the minion. Not sure how fast this will actually be but I’m definitely going to try it. Might still be faster than walking the whole way.
  • What the ignite and smite spells do, which I have now unlocked. I think ignite will be a great one to take to teach me to use the D spell in battle because it is clearly an attack, therefore I’ll know when to use it, as opposed to some of the other ones which aren’t so clear to me.
  • Nocturne’s ultimate only deals physical damage if you use it twice to blink to the target (like with Lissandra’s E). Again, HOW THE F-
  • Nocturne’s Q deals damage obviously, but if you follow its path you gain speed. Therefore you can use it to get closer to a target or escape. And it’s also good to use on turrets.
  • Nocturne’s ultimate is good in the jungle because it renders enemies almost completely blind
  • Last-hitting a turret does not grant any bonuses (except in the stats at the end of the game, not sure how important those are still)
  • Attacking an enemy champion under their turret will cause it to attack you (even if there are other targets present)
  • The skulls on the map in the jungle are the jungle monsters, and the bigger it is, the harder the monster is to kill (tbh they look like dots to me but sure)
  • If you kill a champion with a buff, you get their buff and vice versa
  • Armor items only reduce the damage you take from auto-attacks
  • Attack damage and attack speed items also only affect auto-attacks
  • Life steal means that you gain health when you hit enemies with auto attacks
  • Armor and magic penetration items weakens the enemies’ armor and magic resistance
  • Magic resistance reduces the damage YOU take from magic attacks
  • A critical strike is a basic attack that deals twice its normal damage. Getting one seems to be up to chance? You can get items/abilities and such to increase that chance
  • Ashe and other champions who use basic attacks often benefit from critical strike items, and the best early one is the brawler’s gloves

I was doing more research as well on what roles the champions I’m playing are best at, and Kindred and Nocturne are apparently supposed to be junglers. This is super weird to me, because I don’t even go in there and I’ve had success with them. Then again that could easily change as I move up levels of difficulty.

Lissandra as I already learned is recommended for mid, Shen (that one confuses me) and Rumble for top, and Ashe for bottom.

I’ll do my best to stick to the laners’ recommended roles, but I still really want to play with Kindred and Nocturne so maybe I’ll just do whatever I want until I’m ready to try jungling (lol). But maybe from now on I’ll only pick them if no one else does, so I don’t take away an opportunity from someone who actually wants to use them ‘properly’.

However, on day 6 they changed the rotation. Definitely thought that would happen on a weekend or maybe Monday, but no. Tuesday. Why? Who knows. Sadly this means I won’t get to practice the things I wanted to with Kindred, Lissandra and Nocturne until I can afford to buy them, which will probably be a very long time from now. (Who knows, maybe by then I will be ready for jungling!) I own Ashe though so I can keep playing with her.

On day 6 I decided to play with 2 of the new free champions, Evelynn and Akali.

I was really looking forward to trying Evelynn because her abilities sounded super cool and not overly complicated. Unfortunately, during both games I played with her, I kept disconnecting every 5 seconds. During the first game I could barely move at all, and I even quit the game but then ended up going back in when I realized that it wouldn’t let me start a new one. I did get to play a bit in the second one but still not really enough to be able to make a good judgement on how I feel about her. I’m just happy none of my team members yelled at me for being useless.

Image result for attempting to reconnect lol
Accurate representation of me

One good thing to come of this is that while I was connected but completely useless given that I was many levels below everyone else, I was roaming around the jungle and realized there are tiny things in there that you can kill easily that can help you with various things.

After that I switched to playing with Akali. My first game with her was just okay and I was in the support role, which I don’t love, although I’m thinking that maybe I should take it on more at least for now to teach me how to play more defensively (which I’m terrible at).

My last game of the day was an awesome game with Akali in mid-lane where I destroyed both turrets on my own and was instrumental in the late team fight. Her attacks are easy to use and I really like her W – it helped me many times in escaping from fights that I probably should have left already due to low health (like I said, terrible defensive player) and from underneath turrets that had switched priority to me.

Image result for sexy lissandra
Unless, of course, you google “sexy Lissandra”.

Based on that experience, Akali is now my new favourite and I bought her with the IP I’ve accumulated so far (which I was previously saving up for Lissandra…oops). She’s sexy AND she kicks ass, just like me! (Not really. I mean, I may be sexy, but the only ass kicking I do is with my words.) Not that I don’t also love Lissandra, but she’s not really all that feminine is she?

I also discovered while in the settings menu to quit the game when my internet was destroying everything that you can change the hotkeys right in the game itself for your abilities and spells. Like I’ve said I’m fine with the ability and F keys but maybe changing my D spell to something else would help me make better use of it? I’m thinking maybe A or T so I can easily reach it with one of my outside fingers (which is how I hit F). Moving my middle ones just feels really awkward.

Another idea is to shift everything down a row so that I can easily reach that alt key that I now know exists, but that might cause more confusion for me than it’s worth.

I also figured out how to teleport to minions easily without having to scroll the camera all the way – just click on a minion’s dot on the minimap (before clicking the spell) and it will automatically move the camera there for you, where you can then select the spell and target the minion. AMAZING.

Today I have a day off (because my boyfriend has a day off) and I’ll jump back into it tomorrow!

Level at the end of day 6: 10

Hours: 2

Games played: 4

Champions played: Evelynn, Akali

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