Days 8 & 9: Nothing Exciting Happened

Level at the beginning of day 8: 11

What I learned since last time:

  • Again, nothing. I need to get my shit together.

On day 8, I was in need of a mood booster after my rather unfortunate day 7, so I stuck with champions that I already knew I liked.

I had a good game with Karma. I like that her Q isn’t too hard to control. Her W seems interesting even though I don’t really know what to do with it. I could make much better use out of her if I learned how to use the W effectively and remembered to use the ultimate more. I thought it would be impossible to do anything with her given that she only has 1 attack ability, but if you level it up enough the Q is actually really awesome and kind of all you need.

Then I had a good game with Evelynn – it was nice to try her out without an insane lag. I like that you don’t have to control her Q at all; you can kind of just spam it blindly. I ended up buying her since I had enough IP.

My final game was with Leona and it was just okay. In the pre-game chat, I called mid, and someone else said “Leona isn’t mid. She’s support. I’ll take mid.” And I thought that was extremely rude because it is possible to play a champion in a different role than most people do and still do well. (He was probably right that I would not have done well, but he didn’t know how good or bad of a player I was at the time.) I also would have appreciated being asked if I would like him to take mid so that I could have a more successful game. I realize there isn’t a lot of time for that in the pre-game chat, but it could be done once the game starts.

Something that really frustrates me about LOL is this kind of attitude of “I’m right, you’re wrong, I’m just going to assume I’m a better player than you and know more than you”. I will definitely make a separate post discussing LOL’s exclusionary nature…but now is not that time.

However, that game got disbanded because someone didn’t pick a champion in time, and I went back to queue. In the game I actually played, I ended up not calling a role and just went wherever no one else did, which I think was top lane if I remember correctly. And like I said, it was just okay.


I actually quite like Leona, but I don’t understand why she’s support. (I did confirm what that guy said following my games.) She’s labelled as a tank, which sounds pretty not-supporty to me. In addition, none of her abilities protect any other players. Her only defensive ability is her W.

This morning, I only had time to play 2 games. I decided to go back to a couple of the champions I played the other day that I only played once or twice.

Both games were just okay and I played with Skarner and Ezreal. I don’t really have…anything to say about them.

I will say that I would like to play all of the above champions, except perhaps Leona considering how much I hate the support role.

Earlier this evening, my boyfriend was watching some pro games on the TV, and I was also in the room because we were eating dinner. This led to him explaining a lot of things to me that I already understand. This was very frustrating, and I felt like he was mansplaining to me, but I managed to keep my mouth shut, because I’m not supposed to know anything.

I thought that would be the most difficult part, but it actually wasn’t. Because I understood what was happening in the game, but there’s still a lot I don’t know, I had a lot of questions, but no way to ask most of them without giving myself away.

I did ask him, “Why would anyone ever want to play support?” Because…well. You know my feelings on that. He said that support players are actually very important because they protect the other players obviously and they can move around the map to jump into fights at critical moments. I didn’t realize that; I thought they had to stay in bottom lane the whole time. He also said that some people like the feeling of trying to do a lot with a little, which I assume refers to the fact that support champions aren’t as “strong” as others and have fewer attack abilities.

I can sort of see that, but I still feel like support players aren’t as respected. And all I really want is his respect. Yet, I consistently find myself being pushed into the support role, and worse, I often do better in that role, which makes me feel like that’s all I’ll ever be good at,  and I’ll never be a good enough player to take on other roles. For example, when I played Ezreal today, I was supposed to be the ADC, and I played decently, but the player who was supposed to be my support did better than me. So. There’s that.

I have 5 days until I’ll be able to play again, so I have lots of time to think about it!


Level at the end of day 9: 12

Games played: 5

Hours: 2.5

Champions played: Evelynn, Karma, Leona, Ezreal, Skarner

2 thoughts on “Days 8 & 9: Nothing Exciting Happened

  1. i know it probably didnt feel funny but its very comical (to me, at least) that your bf explained a lot of the basics already knew to you. it honestly sounds like something from a book lmaoo


    1. Some other people were offended by my use of the word ‘mansplaining’ but yeah of course he was just trying to be helpful and make sure I knew what was going on, which was so sweet, I just thought it was funny haha. mildly frustrating but yeah kinda hilarious


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