Day 15 – Death Snacks

Level at the beginning of day 15: 16

What I learned since last time

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This post is a continuation of my weekend at my parents’ house.

On Sunday, I spent as much of the day as I could playing LOL, which wasn’t difficult because my parents didn’t have any other activities in mind, unless you count going to Costco “just to look around” an activity, which I don’t (and I didn’t go). My mom did spend some time showing me wedding stuff on Pinterest (honestly, she’s pinning mother-of-the-bride dresses now, and she calls ME out for sending my boyfriend the engagement ring I want) but that didn’t last very long, and she spent most of the day sleeping.

My first order of business was to try Bard again. It pretty much went the same as last time, but I did successfully cast his E – only through the jungle though, which I thought was odd.

Then I tried Xin Zhao and Ziggs, who were the last free champions of the week that I hadn’t tried yet (except Nunu, but I didn’t even bother with him because pickban said that he’s ‘trash’ tier. Harsh much?). I liked them both but I didn’t feel like they were that special. This was also when I realized that I’m picking up new champions very quickly now and I can get through a game playing almost anyone, even if I’ve never played them before.

I was feeling pretty confident so I decided that if I could confidently take mid-lane in intermediate bot games, I would try support in PvP, finally. I did a couple games with Akali and Veigar to make sure, and succeeded, so the experiment commenced.

My first PvP with Soraka was super fun – the whole team was very friendly and there were some other PvP newbies. The team spent a lot of time crying/laughing about how terrible we were and it honestly improved my experience so much. For once I wasn’t scared of pissing anybody off. It was also my first game to go over 40 minutes. We actually weren’t that terrible, it was just that we were very evenly matched with the other team. We ended up having team fights near BOTH nexuses. I was like, that’s insane. WHAT A COMEBACK. First, we were so sure that we were going to lose because the enemy was RIGHT THERE, but then we somehow pushed them back, and then killed the Baron and the Elder dragon (also my first time doing that). After that we won pretty much immediately. It was so intense, and I loved it.

Image result for death snacks
A quick search for “death snacks” produced this image.

Then my dad called me for dinner. When I was done eating, my parents asked me if I was going to finish eating my carrots, and I said, “Yeah, I just want to get back to the game. I’ll eat them when I die.”

I meant that I’d eat one whenever I die in the game, but my parents interpreted it as, “I’ll eat my carrots WHEN I’M DEAD, suckers!” So they were all like, um, excuse me young lady, so I had to explain what I meant. And so the concept of “death snacks” was born.

During my next game, the panic set in again. All the roles except for mid got taken right away, so I had no choice. I was like, oh god I’m going to lose the game for the whole team again aren’t I – but I actually did fine! Not AMAZING or anything, but fine!

Once that happened I stopped being so scared and decided that I can handle it. Maybe not with a brand new champion (I think I’ll stick to intermediate bot games for that), but otherwise, I can generally hold my own. There might still be a few times where I screw up, but whatever. Everybody screws up, whether they want to admit it or not. (Except my boyfriend. He’s perfect. At LOL, anyway.)

I also learned what grades are in LOL. I mostly got Cs, but I did get an A- with Soraka one time. I’m still not sure if they actually affect anything though (same with champion mastery).

The support role continues to be very frustrating to me. I’m starting to see what my boyfriend means about the “doing a lot with a little” feeling, and I do like that, but I also feel like I’m the scapegoat for my lane partner when they do poorly. For example, in one game I played with Soraka, my lane partner died early on, at level 2 or 3 or something (I did try to help them, but I had only just gotten access to my W and it had a high cooldown, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do). They didn’t blame me for that, but a bit later, they told me to “stop taking CS” which, luckily for them, I had already learned refers to last hitting minions.

I just said “sorry” because I don’t like to be mean, but I was thinking – I’m not playing any more aggressively than usual, nor am I going out of my way to ensure that I get lots of last hits (I’m actually kind of naturally shitty at it). Don’t blame me if you’re short on gold because you died and fell behind. I was also thinking, do you want me to be useful or not? The faster we clear these minion waves the faster we can push the lane. So for the rest of the game I basically didn’t touch minions at all, unless there was a ton of them.

It breaks my heart that Soraka can’t really play any other role, because I love her so much.


Level at the end of day 15: 17

Games played: 10

Hours: 6

Champions played: Bard, Xin Zhao, Ziggs, Akali, Veigar, Soraka

Death snack of the day: Carrots

8 thoughts on “Day 15 – Death Snacks

  1. Hi! I got to your blog because your boyfriend is so proud of you that shared the story on the LoL Reddit and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your journey so far. I’ve been playing for two years I think and I’m still learning. English is not my first language so I hope I don’t make many grammatical mistakes and I just want to say that you seem like a truly wonderful person and I hope you can continue to learn and enjoy playing the game. As a gay guy is really refreshing reading your experience and your take on the game. Greetings from Chile!


  2. There are some legends of a Soraka TOP, a friend of mine plays that and hes 100% Win ratio with her on top lane (out of luck maybe, but still works)


    1. I actually saw this once! I can’t remember how it turned out though, I don’t think I was in their lane and it was a bot game if I recall correctly


  3. Oh my god let me just say that I’m loving reading this. I had a partner of my own who went out of there way to learn about league for the relationship. I’ve gotten quite a few chuckles out of the misconceptions, revelations, and frustrations you’re having. I started in 2014 with help from MANY friends….and I can’t imagine myself trying to learn the game on my own now.

    Before I get to the end, do you still play regularly? I don’t want to skip to the end because I want to see the progression as it comes 🙂


  4. Please don’t feel obligated to apologise to the ADC, if you feel you ain’t doing anything wrong.

    Too many bad players have to find someone to blame in the lower elo be it the Jungler or the Support.

    So far it seems that you’re really getting the hang of the game, gonna start reading more of your posts!


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