Days 13 & 14 – My Cat Ruins Everything

Level at the beginning of day 13: 14

What I learned since last time:

  • Nothing, because I suck

This weekend, I ended up visiting my parents because otherwise I wouldn’t have had a chance to play LOL. Which sounds really stupid, I know, but I’m so scared of losing all the progress I’ve made because I can’t find time to play for too long and then I just forget how or something. So I told my parents I was coming for a visit, and I told my boyfriend that it was because my mom said she wanted company. Which she did…but only after I told her I was coming anyway.

Honestly, the longer this goes on, the harder it is to keep it a secret. The other day, my doodles__bruce_vayne_by_zuske-d6u50evboyfriend was showing me Vayne on his computer for some reason, and I had to pretend like I’ve never seen her before and have no thoughts or feelings about her whatsoever. “She’s kind of like Batman, except she kills people,” he said, referring to her backstory. I wanted to say that that’s exactly why I like her too, but obviously I couldn’t, and I couldn’t think of anything else intelligent to say, so I just said, “….I’m Batman,” in a Batman voice.

I feel like he might be onto me because lately he’s been telling me more things about the game than usual, and I don’t ask as many questions as I used to. And sometimes I accidentally let it slip that I know something that I maybe shouldn’t. Like, also the other day, he was playing a game, and I asked him if he was playing “kitty”, which is what I call Gnar. Both because he looks like a kitty to me and because playing dumb works in my favour right now. And he said, “No, but I am playing another kind of kitty,” and I said, “Ooh, a lion?” thinking of Rengar. And he was like “yeah exactly” but like, I definitely should not have made that jump. I think he did say the word “pride” at some point, but still. But who knows, maybe he’s just opening up to me more on his own free will, which is good!

First I played a couple of games with Caitlyn. She felt like the basic bitch of LOL, but I kind of liked that about her. Caitlyn is also just such a basic bitch name. I seriously want to rip that stupid hat off her head though because she would be SO much more attractive without it…

Then I tried LeBlanc, who I initally strongly disliked, but after playing a couple more games with her I started to like her more. Her abilities are interesting and I think that with practice you could do some really cool things with her.

Then I tried Maokai, which was the most exciting for me, because he’s one of my boyfriend’s favourites. So based on that, my expectations were high, and…I was thoroughly underwhelmed. Like, he’s cool, but nowhere near as cool as some others. (Then again, maybe I just think that because my idea of cool is unicorns.)

Next up was Nasus. I didn’t get off to a great start. My cat at my parents’ house, Lady, is a total lap cat and also a huge whiny baby, so at the beginning of the game, she jumped on my lap and started pawing at my face. This caused me to walk right under the enemy tower and die, all before minions had even spawned. Amazingly though I bounced back and was doing quite well by the end of the game. I liked that his abilities don’t require much aiming. I never do very well in team fights because I get very disoriented and can’t see what’s happening. For this reason I really appreciated his E and ultimate. That game was also the first and only game that I’ve ever gotten to level 18 with a champion (which I learned at that time is the max). Even though he’s not my favourite I ended up buying him just based on that one experience alone.

Then I tried Thresh. I had high hopes for him because he just looks so bad ass but then I realized he’s a support and I was like, what? How is this scary death monster a support? (And also, why is he so expensive in the store?) Those are basically all of my thoughts on him right now. As soon as I saw how expensive he was I kind of gave up on trying to learn more about him because clearly it will be a million years before I ever play him again.

it_s_nopevember_already___by_gigadoodles-d9ezqgxThen I tried Bard, which I really did not want to do because he is creepy as fuck. He’s basically just a giant beard with a bowling ball in the middle. It’s terrifying. BUT THEN I realized that he’s the one who just makes a bunch of weird sounds and has no dialogue that my boyfriend was telling me about. And now I love him. Every time he dies it’s so beautiful (which was good, because I died a lot). Still creepy, but worth it. The whole thing with the chimes he has to collect all over the map is pretty cool too, and the meeps are too cute. I have to say though that I don’t understand his E ability at all. I wasn’t even able to successfully cast it during the game. I also really appreciate his “Bard Bard” skin. Hilarious. (Also appreciated: Festive Maokai and Meowkai.)

During that game, Lady jumped on my lap again, but she mostly just stayed put. Until she decided to pull my earbuds out of my ear. But luckily, no one died that time.

Level at the end of day 14: 16

Games played: 10

Hours: 5.5

Champions played: Caitlyn, LeBlanc, Thresh, Maokai, Nasus, Bard

2 thoughts on “Days 13 & 14 – My Cat Ruins Everything

  1. omg im sorry i had to stop reading because your life is actually amazing this is probably the best sitcom. and i mean that in a good way. your interactions with your boyfriend where you try to keep things hidden are just super hilarious omg okay but anyways more srs bns going on: your improvement and dedication to doing this by yourself is amazing!!! i cant wait to read more, which is why im cutting this comment short 🙂


    1. lmao thank you so much! I am very glad that you find it funny, I wasn’t sure that anyone but me would.


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