Day 19 – I Almost Get Caught, TWICE

Level at the beginning of day 19: 18


Day 19 was…not successful. Not successful at all.

In fact, it was actually kind of a disaster.

I’d gotten home early from work, and my boyfriend wasn’t due home for another hour at least, so I figured I had time to play one game. Just one. It wasn’t even a PvP game.

I was playing Kog’Maw because I really wanted to see what his passive looked like, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed playing him, aside from the passive. The internet said he was strong and I have to say I agree. I hardly died at all and it was only my first time! The passive is actually not as exciting as I wanted it to be – I didn’t make good use of it because I couldn’t tell immediately when I had actually died. With other champions, the screen goes grey immediately – with Kog’Maw, that doesn’t happen until your body has actually exploded. This is because you can still move him around for a few seconds. So you have to really be paying attention and follow the enemy after you’ve died to make sure you explode on them (delicious).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish the game because my boyfriend came home early without letting me know, when the game was only about 60% done, so I had to slam my laptop shut and quit the game, again.

I again made up a story about needing to edit videos, which he was a bit suspicious about because it didn’t really make much sense, but he let it go.

Half an hour later, he decided to watch some LOL videos on his laptop at the kitchen table, and I took that opportunity to open my own laptop on the couch just so I could exit out of the client.

I figured that my computer wouldn’t make any game noises because surely the game was over by now. Except, my computer hadn’t figured that out yet, so it went, “Your team has destroyed a turret!”

And instead of just pretending like it didn’t happen like I should have, I went, “Aaaahh shut up!! Shut up!!” and slammed it shut again.



I used to be the QUEEN of stealth and surprises, what the hell has happened to me?!

Now, he did not react to this at all. MAYBE he was just too engrossed in his video to notice. Maybe.

But I have a hard time believing that, because it was pretty loud.

So here’s what I’m thinking – I think that he’s definitely on to me, but isn’t saying anything because he knows I’m trying to do something nice and wants to just let me do that without ruining it. At this point, too many little things have happened that there’s no way he isn’t starting to put them all together.

But maybe he doesn’t know exactly what I’m doing. Maybe he thought I had been watching a video or something and I’ve just been trying to learn more about it to support him (although the presence of the mouse which I never use would suggest otherwise). Or maybe he thinks nothing of any of this because he’s not paranoid as fuck like me.

I do think though that if he does suspect what I’m doing, there’s no way that he knows how far I’ve come. And that, I think, will be the best surprise of all.

On the bright side, when I opened it again later while he was out walking the dog, I discovered that I still got the IP and XP from the game, and had leveled up.

Level at the end of day 19: 19

Games played: 0.5

Hours: 0.5

Champions played: Kog’Maw

Death snack of the day: Nacho chips & sour cream

2 thoughts on “Day 19 – I Almost Get Caught, TWICE

    1. Surprisingly not, he says! He said that he did think it was a bit weird that I was editing “videos”, but he didn’t even hear the sounds from my laptop. Totally off in his own world 😛


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