Days 20 to 22 – When I Don’t Understand Draft Pick

Level at the beginning of day 20: 19

On day 20, I played 4 games, 2 of which were with Varus, one of the free champions that week. I’m not really sure why I picked him as he was someone I didn’t have much interest in, but I’m happy that I did. He felt pretty basic, but I had fun. And really, that’s all that matters. I played a couple with Soraka as well.

Image result for draft pick problems lol
When you have a 90% chance of getting your primary and you still don’t

Day 21 was probably the most eventful. I didn’t play with any new champions (I stuck to Soraka and Kayle when I wasn’t able to play support), but I did try a new mode. I played my first draft pick game, and I have to say I was kind of disappointed. My first time, I didn’t get either of my two choices of roles (support and mid), which I was really surprised about. Support is supposedly the least popular role, so what gives? I ended up playing top.

I also ended up getting yelled at by another player on my team for banning someone that they apparently wanted to play. They said, “look at your team bar!!!”And I apologized and asked them what they meant and how I would be able to tell what champions my teammates wanted to play. Except, I didn’t receive an answer because they left the game and I was placed back into queue. Once again, I sometimes really hate how LOL players choose to just yell at other players rather than guiding them and actually being helpful. Afterwards I tried googling the issue but I didn’t come up with anything.

I think I’m going to stay away from draft pick for a while unless I get invited to a game, mostly because I’m scared I will end up getting forced into the jungler role, which I still don’t know how to play. And that would just suck for everyone.

Honestly though, I don’t really see the point of draft pick unless you want practice picking & banning strategically, which isn’t something I can do very well right now because I know nothing about half the champions. The actual game is the exact same. I was excited to try it because I thought you had a much higher chance of getting the role you wanted, but it seems that that isn’t the case. I feel like you have a better chance in blind pick if you’re fast enough.

On the bright side, I was invited to a group by someone I was in a game with (although I think they might have actually been on the enemy team), and I accepted because why not. Since then I get invited to games all the time! I don’t really see the point because even though you’re more likely to get chests, you also have to get an S, and it’ll be a long ass time before that ever happens. The highest grade I’ve received is an A, and that was one time. But I accept invites when I can. Who knows, maybe I will make a friend.

Through this group I also met someone who plays an aggressive Soraka. I didn’t really get to see her in action because we were in different lanes, but the first thing she said was, “it’s such a bad thing when you know how to play an aggro Soraka” and I was like, you are my queen. Or king. Whichever. I tried to add them as a friend but I don’t think they accepted. Sadface.

On day 22, I purchased Garen and Warwick just because they are cheap and supposed to be strong. I liked them both, although they both felt kind of like basic bitches. I also tried Sivir, who I purchased a while ago. I liked her a lot as well (although can we talk about her splash art? Like, what kind of position is that?) in terms of playability, not as much as a character.

And then I tried supporting with Janna. And wow, has my opinion ever changed! I still don’t like her as much as Soraka, but I had a lot of fun playing with her and I was surprised at how well she can hold her own. I ended up solo-laning with her twice (with occasional help from our jungler) in a 1v2 situation due to weird team makeups and I was like, “Well, this game is over,” but I actually did fine. We still lost one of those games but it wasn’t like, all my fault or anything. (If I remember correctly, I think we might have been down a player.)

My goals for the next couple of days are to read up on the new free champion roster (I’m stoked for this week’s – Katarina is on the list again, as well as a few others I’ve been eager to try like Cassiopeia, Irelia, Miss Fortune and Tahm Kench, who is hella gross and looks like Jabba the Hut, but he eats people so I can’t really pass up that opportunity), create mastery pages & item sets for all my new champions, and try to learn a bit more about jungling.

I’m level 20 now, I own two strong junglers (Evelynn and Warwcick), and I have some rune and mastery pages, which means it’s time to start. But…how??? I need to find out how I can safely experiment as I’m learning. The risk of letting my team down and being yelled at is too great.

Image result for ilia twilight princess
Ilia. NOT Irelia.

P.S. Another dumb thing I did – I was trying to remember what a character’s name in Zelda: Twilight Princess (which we’re playing right now) was, and my first guess was, “Irelia?” And he laughed and said that’s so funny because Irelia is actually a champion in League. I said, “Oh. But what is this chick’s name though?” (It’s Ilia. So I was actually close. But still.) SMH

I’m not going to make it until June. This game invades your head and your life and I CAN’T KEEP THIS A SECRET ANYMORE I’M GONNA BREAK

Level at the end of day 22: 20

Games played: 18

Hours: 12.5

Champions played: Varus, Soraka, Kayle, Janna, Sivir, Garen, Warwick

Death snack of the day: Cupcakes

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