Days 25 to 27 – I Learn That French Accents Really Piss Me Off

Level at the beginning of day 25: 22

What I learned since last time:

  • You get bonuses if you accomplish things like kills and assists when you are a level or more below the majority of your teammates and/or your opponents
  • Press G and click on things to ping them, such as mana levels, ability cooldowns, health, etc.
  • The ribbons that appear on your icon on the game loading screens indicate mastery level on the champion that person is playing (I definitely thought it had something to do with rank. I knew ranked players had borders, I thought maybe this was just an extension of that. I mean, they’re a lot more noticeable than borders, but rank level seems more important to me.) Levels 4 and up. Brown = 4, Red = 5, Purple = 6, Blue = 7. This means I will have a brown ribbon for Soraka soon! How exciting. I didn’t think I would ever have anything.
  • The highest champion mastery level you can attain normally is 5. However, you can earn higher levels through the loot system. Mastery levels do not decay over time.
  • Earn mastery level 6 by getting an S- or higher on that champion, twice (this will give you mastery tokens) + 500 blue essence OR a champion shard/champion permanent of that champion
  • Earn mastery level 7 by getting an S or higher on that champion three times + 600 blue essence OR a champion shard/champion permanent of that champion
  • There are also some little crests (beads with wings) that appear at the top of a summoner’s border in the loading screen. I’ve never even noticed these before. These are called honor ribbons, which  you get from being honored a lot in various categories. They also appear in the corner of a summoner’s icon in champion select. These ribbons don’t last forever; you have to keep playing and being honored to maintain them. I don’t feel bad for not knowing this because Riot basically doesn’t explain it at all. Blue = great mentor (helpful & friendly), Green = great teammate, Yellow = great leader, Red = honorable opponent

Our internet was sucking balls over the course of these few days, so that resulted in a not-so-great experience – although, frankly, these three days were all pretty boring anyway.

On day 25 I got another A+ with Kayle, but then I also got some Cs…it’s all or nothing with her, apparently. That was really my only success of the day. In another game, my ADC and I made a nice play with Soraka – the ADC was getting attacked so I just stood right next to them and alternated between healing them and hitting the enemy with Starcall. The ADC died anyway but I finished the enemy off with another Starcall. They played a lot more aggressively after that…my ADC said we pissed them off. We still lost the game though.

Image result for cute blitzcrank
I should go back and add this to the Valentines post.

Other than that, I played Blitzcrank – he is super cute. His robot voice kind of gets annoying, but still. I really want his Definitely Not Blitzcrank skin. I also played Zyra, who I thought was just okay. I was initially really excited because her passive says that if an enemy steps on one of her seeds, they die. But I swear that happened a couple of times and nobody died.

I really don’t enjoy playing champions that have absolutely no support abilities. Like, if I’m going to be in the support role, I want to at least be helpful.

At first I didn’t see how Blitzcrank could be a useful support, but in a game I played against a Blitzcrank later on, I saw them use their Q to hook enemies close enough to their ADC so that the ADC could then go in and make the kill. I suppose Thresh is supposed to be played the same way as a support.  So that makes sense to me now.

I quit a bit earlier than I had to because the internet was being a sack of balls and I was getting frustrated, plus I felt bad for my team.

On day 26, I tried Swain. I was excited about this because I really like birdies. I like him but he is so squishy in the early game. Perhaps it would be easier if I chose different starting items (I just went with the recommended ones). I got an A with Soraka at some point. In another game with her, my entire team was behaving so childishly. 3 of them kept fighting over top lane saying, “I called it first!” “No i did!” etc. etc. Eventually I got fed up and said, “I don’t care who gets top but someone needs to come down here right now and help ASAP” because I was all alone in bottom lane. I wanted to tell them they were acting like children, but then it occurred to me that they might actually be children.

Image result for why is fiora french
Apparently I’m not the only one to be confused by this.

Day 27 was almost entirely a waste of time. I tried Fiora and I was kind of disappointed. I
was looking forward to playing her because her backstory made her sound so cool, like the LOL version of Merida. Except as soon as I chose her in champion select I was immediately pissed off. WHY IS SHE FRENCH?! LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE IN THIS GAME IS FRENCH (that I’ve encountered anyway).  I don’t know why this makes me so mad…that extremely thick and overwrought French accent is just so grating to me. Aside from that, though, I was unimpressed with her abilities except for her ultimate. I used it a couple of times but I was never able to complete the four vitals and/or make a kill with it. I think with a lot of practice she could be really awesome though. (And if you can put up with the French.)

After that, I played 2 games with Kayle and Soraka, and both went horribly. I had connectivity problems in both games. I still hadn’t received my first win of the day bonus and I was running out of time, so I played a beginner bot game. I figured that even if I sucked, my team could still win. And that is exactly what happened. I didn’t even play for have the game because my internet was so bad.

So…that’s that.


Level at the end of day 27: 23

Games played: 15

Hours: 10

Champions played: Soraka, Kayle, Zyra, Blitzcrank, Swain, Fiora

Death snack of the day: Cheetos and Maltesers


2 thoughts on “Days 25 to 27 – I Learn That French Accents Really Piss Me Off

  1. omg “if the enemy steps on one of her seeds, they die” LMAOOOOOO i know you probably get it NOW that they meant her seeds die, but this is literally me


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