Day 33 – I Didn’t Even Know That Was A Thing

Level at the beginning of day 33: 25

The themes of this week’s free rotation are “champions that can come back to life” and “champions with ultimates at level 1”, both of which I didn’t even know were things.

Anivia – Finally, I got to play the pretty birdie!! And I liked her just as much as I thought I

Related image
Sexy Anivia. She’s a fucking BIRD, come on people

would. Possibly more, actually, because I didn’t know about her passive egg ability (which is really cute, btw). I did really well with her especially considering it was my first time (3-1-5), but I don’t feel that proud of myself because Anivia is one of the strongest champions right now in general. I don’t feel like she is unfairly strong though because she has such low health at the beginning of the game and no real shield/healing abilities (except for her ice wall, sort of). If anything, I feel like a lot of champions are unfairly weak. EVERY champion should be an Anivia.

Braum – I only decided to try out Braum because he’s the one who is friends with poros on that wintery map, whatever that’s called. I think, anyway. He’s okay.

Jayce – I did hilariously badly with Jayce (0-8-0), partially because for the first 10 minutes of the game I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t even notice that he already had his ultimate for a bit; once I did, I didn’t realize it was a toggle that could be switched whenever you wanted and didn’t use mana for another 5 minutes. I was like WHY WAS THIS NOT EXPLAINED TO ME T_T Seriously, his ultimate description in game and on the LOL website is terrible. However, once I understood this radical concept, I liked him. I mean, I still failed hard, but he’s fun.

Zac – I like Zac as a concept, but I didn’t really enjoy playing with him. If he was a bit stronger I think I would like him more.

Udyr – Another champion that just made me go….??? WTF? So Udyr doesn’t actually have an ultimate – he has an R ability but it’s just like any of his other abilities. And also, it is difficult to use his abilities can’t be used simultaneously – using one puts the others on a short cooldown. None of this was explained. And I feel like the only way he would be a strong champion is if he could cast abilities simultaneously. Image result for udyr lol

I also officially got back on the horse by playing another intermediate bot game with Tristana. I still didn’t do very well (especially for an ADC) – 0-3-2 – but it wasn’t like, abhorrently atrocious. And no one got mad at me.

She’s fun to play, and this game is fun to play usually, and I’m not going to let some overly concerned dickhead ruin it for me.

Once I hit 3150 IP, I stopped playing for the evening because I have a lot of time this week; I feel like it’s okay to take some of that time just for myself. I do have other interests that I’ve kind of been neglecting after all.

So now, it was time to decide who to buy with my 3150 IP (which I call the ‘green’ tier in my head now thanks to my colour coded list). I was torn between Anivia (a strong  mid-laner), Miss Fortune (a strong-ish ADC), and Sona (a strong support). I ended up choosing Anivia because even though I love Sona and she’s incredible, I already have two strong supports. And while I like Miss Fortune, the ADC role is probably my least favourite right now (mostly because it feels like a lot of pressure, and my terrible Tristana experience that one day) and she’s not that strong.

So now I can be a pretty ice birdie whenever I want!! And I can get her ballin’ Festival Anivia skin, which is the only available one of hers that I actually like, and when it came out I was like “this better still be around by the time I get her”.

And it is. So yay.

Level at the end of day 33: 26

Games played: 6

Hours: 3

Champions played: Anivia, Jayce, Zac, Udyr, Tristana, Braum

Death snack of the day: cupcakes

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