Days 38 & 39 – The Best Jungler Ever

Level at the beginning of day 38: 27

The themes of this week’s rotation were “overly happy champions” and “champions that just won’t die”, according to me.

First up was Lux, one of the first champions I was introduced to via my boyfriend and one I have been anxious to try.

Lux is my least favourite champion to play against. I don’t know why, but I just find it

Image result for lux lol
Well, this is a thing that I’ll never be able to unsee.

impossible to dodge her attacks, and once I get hit by her Q, I’m dead. I think this is just a me thing because according to the internet, she’s not that great, but she is my personal worst nightmare.

However, PLAYING her was fantastic! I did really well with her in the bot game I tried her out in, so much so that I decided to try her out in a PvP. I didn’t do so well in that one, but I still like her a lot. What I like best about her is her Q stun and her ultimate, which is really easy to aim and has a relatively short cooldown compared to other ultimates.

Her voice is, admittedly, quite irritating at times, but she makes up for it in sheer prettiness. Even her abilities are pretty.

I’m thinking that my next champion purchase will be Sona, because as much as I love my current 3 supports I’m starting to get bored, and it makes the most sense for me to have the highest percentage of support champions in my roster because that is the role I will likely be playing most of the time. But Lux might be next. (She can also be a support, but I have a really hard time aiming her shield ability, so probably not the best idea for me.)

The next day, I tried out Trydamere, Zed, Sion and Ivern.

I wasn’t interested in the first three, but I encounter them a lot in games so I thought it would be a good idea.

They all seem quite good, but none of them are really my style. I did kind of like Zed, but not enough to put him on my list (which is getting hilariously crowded by the way; I’ve had to squeeze in a third column between the first two).

I was excited to try Ivern because he just looks so cute. My boyfriend calls him the “happy tree” (as opposed to the mean tree, Maokai). Because he is a jungler, and I didn’t think he would do very well if I played him in a lane, I decided to just try him out in the practice tool.

Related image
Possibly the most accurate thing that exists on earth

While I was practicing, it was just blowing my mind how easy it was to jungle with him, particularly in the beginning – no more leashing or accidentally dying or having to use your Smite spell right away! I thought to myself, this is clearly the best jungler ever, but I also thought that maybe I could be wrong because I don’t know much about jungling. But nope, the stats agree with me. He’s on top for the role right now.

I do think it might be a bit harder to solo a dragon with him but I didn’t really practice properly – I forgot to take Smite and I was only level 6 when I attempted that. And I think that the perks of his garden-growing ability, which thereby allows him to spend more time in lane helping his teammates, outweighs any possible negatives.

On day 39, I hit level 28. I will likely hit level 30 within the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to be level 30 and not know how to jungle. That’s just…that’s just shameful. I should at least know how even if I plan on never doing it.

No matter how much I practice in the practice tool, I still don’t feel ready. The actual killing of the monsters doesn’t scare me – I’ve practiced that, and even if I have a hard time, in all likelihood, no one will be around to see it. But the only way to know the most important thing about jungling – the why/when/where/what/how of leaving the jungle and helping your teammates in lane – is by jungling in an actual game. But I’m too scared to do that, because I don’t want anyone to get mad at me for not being there at the right time (or for being useless once I got there). And if I jungle in a bot game, that means that someone is going to be dealing with a 1v2 situation, and I hate when that happens to me.

It’s just a game, so even if, worst-case scenario, I single-handedly lose a game (which I did one time, if you recall), no one should care enough to be mean about it. But some people do. And ever since The Incident I’ve been especially wary of that.

But we’re getting down to the wire here. There’s two months to go, and lately I haven’t had much time to play (and won’t for the next couple of weeks at least for sure). I have to find a way to overcome my fear and just Do The Thing.

Level at the end of day 39: 28

Games played: 5+ 1 practice session

Hours: 3.5

Champions played: Lux, Tryndamere, Zed, Sion, Ivern

Death snack of the day: Juice

2 thoughts on “Days 38 & 39 – The Best Jungler Ever

    1. I was still kinda ashamed about it when the project finished, but my boyfriend said he didn’t start jungling for a long time so now I’m cool with it 🙂


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