Day 43: Why Does The Game Want To Kill Me Now?

Level at the beginning of day 43: 29

Day 43 brought another day where the internet just would not cooperate, which is exactly what I did not need after not playing for two weeks.

I only got in half a game with Soraka before I disconnected. I kept trying to reconnect but failed every time, and at some point a message in chat popped up saying “omg soraka gtdo” which I assume was supposed to say gtfo and meant that my attempts were annoying my team. So I gtfo-ed.

The game went well though up until then – my lane partner and I played really well together, largely thanks to the fact that they were not playing a traditional ADC. They were playing Galio, who has a shield ability (apparently), so therefore, I could focus less on healing them and more on helping to attack the enemy and thereby heal myself, enabling me to still be able to use my heal should I need to.

It was unfortunate that that was all I got to do that day since I had much more time to work with, but it was enough to restore my confidence that I still got it (whatever ‘it’ I had, anyway).

A major patch was released while I was away, so a lot has changed and I have yet to really explore. One thing I noticed that I had not read about online, though, was this – why does the game now sound like it wants to fucking kill me every time something happens?!

The in-game event announcements used to sound like a posh British lady; now they sound like an axe murderer. (Also, I feel like they’re harder to hear.) Where was THAT in the patch notes?!

Level at the end of day 43: 29

Games played: 0.5

Hours: 0.5

Champions played: Soraka

Death snack of the day: Cupcakes

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