Days 48 – 50 – If I Was A Cat, My Name Would Be Sparkles

Now, you would think that over the course of three days I could fit in a lot of games. And technically, I could have, but unfortunately I got sick again and while I still managed to play for a couple hours each day, I dedicated most of my time to feeling better. And by the end of the week I can say that I now feel….a bit more okay? I guess? Not a great week.

Honestly, LOL was probably the only good thing about my week at all! And that is a strange feeling.

The first day I played bot games with three free champions, Illaoi, Kassadin, and Volibear. I’d been interested in Volibear from the beginning because, duh, a bear, but it turns out he’s not that cute. I still had fun playing him though, mainly because of his ultimate. Kassadin was okay. And I actually liked Illaoi way more than I thought I would, even though I still don’t know how to pronounce her name. It felt like her abilities did tons of damage.

And of course I had to squeeze in a game with Soraka, and I hit mastery level 5! Yay! (I highly doubt I’ll ever achieve higher than that, seeing as levels 6 and 7 are dependent upon the terrible loot system.)

Image result for sona lolAfter that, I was able to buy Sona, who I decided a while ago would be my next pick. When I first played her, I really liked her because of her fun colours (which I still appreciate) and because her abilities required no aiming whatsoever. However, it’s because of that very thing that I now kind of don’t like her as much? I feel bad even saying it because A) I just saved up for like 3 weeks for her and B) she is one of the strongest support champions right now.

I just feel bored when I’m playing her. It basically just seems like I follow the ADC/team around and press W constantly. Which is also basically what I do with Soraka, but at least there’s some element of skill there with the aiming of her Q and E.

Sona does have her ultimate which is a skill shot but it’s not as satisfying as I remember it being, and you don’t get to use it very often.

Also, she says some really weird shit. The weirdest, in my opinion, and the first one I noticed: “Accelerated movement, I concur!” If this had happened while I was using her E or flash or basically anything I would have been like, ok, I guess, but no, I was just walking.

That said, I’ve experienced relative success with her so far (it’s kind of hard not to). My grades were Cs but my scores still met my goal (0/5/8, 1/4/13).

I have also realized that Sona doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as a backup support because the whole idea behind that was that I needed a backup in case Soraka was banned. Now obviously people would probably ban Sona over Soraka. BUT in the case that they did ban Soraka (maybe because they look me up online and go, “Oh, she basically only ever plays Soraka” – I don’t do that, but I know some people do), I would then obviously be free to pick Sona, UNLESS the other team picked her first OR they just ban both of them. IT COULD HAPPEN.

So, I need another one. I’m thinking I might practice more with Morgana but otherwise, I’ll have to do some research. I can probably only afford to buy 1-2 more champions before the deadline, so I have to pick well.

The other interesting thing that happened this week was that I had my best ever game with Lux (6/1/18, A-), but I also got yelled at and harshly insulted for basically no reason.

I’m not sure if I was just in a good matchup in my lane (Ekko) or if the other player didn’t quite know how to play Ekko that well/against Lux that well – I don’t think it was because suddenly, I’m amazing now. But either way, I’ll take it.

One good thing I did though was ping for help taking down the first tower in my lane at a critical moment. I saw an opportunity where I was able to go in for the tower but likely wouldn’t be able to actually finish it without some help. Our jungler had literally just said, “ping if you need me” to our team after asking if anyone needed ganks (THEIR words, not mine), so I did just that.

Except then, our top laner (Caitlyn, for some reason) came instead. Why, I don’t know. And I was like, okay, not what I expected but this works too, this is fine. And we took the tower! So this was good. Otherwise it would have taken me much longer, probably. Despite what happened next, I still consider my pinging for help at that moment an overall good move.

But then Caitlyn died and started screaming at me in all caps, and I was like, whoa. Previously they had seemed very nice and reasonable. They were like, “LUX WTF YOU SUCK I’M REPORTING YOU, YOU PING THE TOWER AND WTF YOU SUCK” (I’m paraphrasing obviously, but the “reporting you”, “pinging the tower” and “you suck” parts were definitely in there).

Reporting me??? Because a play didn’t quite go as expected??? A play that you weren’t even supposed to be a part of???

Also, I didn’t ping the tower. Maybe she came because she thought I had pinged our tower (because it was about to go down) or something…but I did not. I pinged for assistance in the area, again right after our jungler had asked if anyone needed help.

So I said, “I feel like that’s a little harsh, I am doing my best” (I literally was, like I said this was my best game yet), and they said (no caps this time which for some reason made it funnier) “your best is bad.” and I said, “fair enough”, because, I mean, it is. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, even if I believe that you should keep them to yourself if they’re not constructive.

So that was the end of that, and I did not get reported (I think). Later on in the came we were in a team fight and they said, “I suck XD” so I guess it’s good that they’re self aware enough for that?

And in the end I did get an A- so my best can’t be THAT bad.

I did try to look back on the situation and think about reasons why they could have been mad. Here are my theories (aside from them just being unreasonable): when Ekko came back, I started engaging with him – not sure if the turret was still up, but if it was, I would obviously not have been hitting it at that time, and maybe that meant that Caitlyn got hit by it, and they think that if I had focused on the tower instead of Ekko, we would have taken it down before that could happen (if it did)? Or maybe they think that I shouldn’t have engaged with Ekko at all, and if I just left him alone he would have gone away and recalled. Or maybe they got killed by Ekko and think that I should have done a better job of protecting them somehow. Or maybe they just think I shouldn’t have pinged at all. WHO KNOWS but I do think it’s important to always be reflecting on your own behaviour not just to see how you can be a better player but how you can be more considerate to others. And if a situation like that ever comes up again I will certainly be a bit more careful.

Anyway, to end things on a slightly more frivolous note – I also bought Lux’s Star Related imageGuardian skin because it was on sale (I know I already own one, but Lux is basically like, the quintessential Star Guardian), and I like it a lot. The best part about it is the hilarious music when she recalls – at one point during the aforementioned game, my whole team was recalling together after a successful team fight, and of course that music was playing and it just felt so triumphant? It was great.

I wondered if there was any Star Guardian ‘lore’ out there because if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that LOL needs to have a story for everything for some reason. And there is! There’s a whole website and my god is it ever beautiful.

Each guardian has a little profile, splash art, etc. And lo and behold, Lux is apparently the leader (although it also sort of makes Janna sound like the leader at times).

The best part though is that there’s a QUIZ to find out which Star Guardian you are. I fucking LOVE quizzes.

I took the quiz, and I got Lux. I was like, hm, okay, until the last line:

You are a natural leader who excels at motivating the people around you. You thrive among a team and always try to find a solution that will make everyone feel satisfied. When faced with a challenge, you usually stay calm and are the person people look to for help. Your focus on helping others often leaves you without any time to focus on yourself, but you’re okay with that. If you were a cat, your name would be Sparkles.

It totally would be.

Despite that, though, I felt like I answered a bit idealistically – based more on a past version of myself than who I currently am. So I tried again, and got Jinx. Which doesn’t SOUND like it would make sense (physique aside), but based on the description, totally does:

You are a rebellious spirit who craves freedom above all. It takes some time for you to warm up to people, but once you make a friend, there is nothing you won’t do to protect them. You’re annoyed by people trying to run your life and find a regular routine boring. You may doubt yourself at times, but your true friends know that you will accomplish incredible things. You swallow gum probably more often than you should.

Aside from the gum thing, anyway. Gum is gross.


Games played: 12

% of PvP games that meet goal: 83% (5/6)

Hours: 11

Champions played: Illaoi, Volibear, Kassadin, Soraka, Lux, Sona

Death snack of the day: Double stuf Oreos

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