Days 56 to 59 – Such Colours. Much Rainbow.

It says this post includes 4 days, but really, 2 of those days barely count because I only played 2 or 3 bot games for the first two days. I mostly played Ashe because I feel like I’m actually getting pretty good with her.

This was proven true when I was invited to a PvP game by someone who added me as a friend months ago, and all the roles were taken already except ADC and jungler. So I ADC-ed with Ashe and got an A! Yaaaaay. I may spend some more time with Tristana as well so that I can maybe start ADCing in PvP games.

That game also proved that the way I’ve outlined my goals is flawed because I died 8 times as Ashe and still got an A, but considering that I mostly play support I still feel like it’s not a terrible benchmark so I’m sticking with it.

Maybe I should have used LOL’s grading system as my benchmark (ex. more than half of games with a B grade or above), but I don’t trust its grading for certain champions *coughLuxcough*. And anyway, it’s too late now!!!

I also tried Lulu again and Karthus. Lulu’s play style is certainly unique but I’m also not sure that it’s one I actually enjoy very much. But then again, in that bot game I ended up solo-ing top lane – maybe I’d enjoy her more if I was actually supporting. I’ve been looking forward to playing Karthus for a long time now and I’m always going on about how ridiculous his ultimate is. But he was way less cool than I wanted him to be. Basically the only cool thing about him is his ultimate. Very disappointing.

Image result for doge memeThen I bought Ahri, as well as her Arcade Ahri skin with the remainder of my RP from the last time I bought skins. I still want most of her other ones but I think that this one is the best by far. Such Colours. MUCH RAINBOW.

I practiced with her in bot games a few times and was doing okay, but I did terribly in PvP games. Not badly enough for my team to be mad at me, but pretty bad. A game I played against Heimerdinger was particularly difficult.

The two things I am having a hard time with are landing her E ability and not dying when using her W and R. I do the best with ranged champions, as has been noted several times, and Ahri is ranged, but she’s only, like, half-ranged. You have to be fairly close to the enemy to land her W or R, and she has no shield or any other defensive abilities to protect her while she’s doing that. I’ll try to watch some videos and see if I can improve. I did see a recommendation to use a different starting item online though (one I’ve never used before, actually) which would give me more mana upfront, rather than having to recall relatively early to buy something. So we’ll see if that helps.

I guess there isn’t much to say there but she is promising. As I’ve noted, she is very, very strong, so if I can learn how to use her, I’ll be a boss.

It’s is tough to practice with her because A) a lot of the time when I make mid my first choice, I end up as support even when I’m autofill protected, and B) she gets banned a lot.

At one point, I got autofilled as a jungler, so I asked if anyone wanted to switch with me and luckily one person did. They were very nice about it too.

Aside from that, I just played a bunch of mediocre games with Anivia, Sona and Soraka, learned nothing (except that Anivia is a good counter to Viktor) and did not improve at all. Although I did have one game where I was playing against that jungler (hell beast of a) again. What is UP with that?!

Games played: 22

% of PvP games that meet goal: 44%

Hours: 13.5

Champions played: Ashe, Tristana, Lulu, Karthus, Soraka, Anivia, Sona, Ahri

Death snack of the day: Milk (because my parents’ house has no snacks)

4 thoughts on “Days 56 to 59 – Such Colours. Much Rainbow.

  1. In case it hasn’t been said, autofill protection just means you’re guaranteed one of your choices, not that you’re guaranteed your primary. 🙂

    Love your blog!


    1. I did know that, it’s just frustrating how infrequently I do get my primary when I pick mid even with that on haha. Thanks!


      1. That’s true, If you try going Primary – Mid and Sec – Top/ADC, you’ll get mid more often, but whenever you pick support just think of it as your primary regardless


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