Days 60 & 61 – Feel Xerath of my Love

Day 60 was quite disheartening because I am really, really struggling with Ahri, even after watching some videos, which usually helps. I thought that I would have at least improved a little bit by now.

Image result for arcade ahri lolI don’t think she’s a difficult champion, I just think that she is more of a different style for me than I expected (actually quite similar to Akali when I think about it). In addition she did take a bit of a hit recently, with some of her damage being transferred to her hard-to-land E rather than her easier to land Q and W.

Extra frustrating was the fact that as soon as I started playing Ahri, I started lagging like crazy. I’d already played 3 games as support because I didn’t get my first choice of mid, and they all went really well, no problems whatsoever. I even got my first A with Morgana (although this was more due to the strength of our ADC rather than my own).

But no, as soon as I start getting mid-lane, my internet goes to shit. I played through it for 3 more games before finally giving up because I was just so determined to practice. But all it did was lower my confidence even more.

I hate to say it but I’m thinking I should have gone with my second choice for a new champion, Maokai, rather than Ahri. I like Ahri, but she is useless to me if I can’t play her well. At least I know I’m good at the support role and since Maokai was reworked and is apparently a support now, I find him to be pretty fun. Plus he has a skin where he throws cats. And I fucking love cats.

But what’s done is done. Maybe if I’m really lucky I’ll be able to get Maokai before the deadline. (Sure, I’ll just somehow get 3500+ IP in a week and a half. Seems legit.)

Also, in basically all of my games there was an Akali and a Kindred? Why? I feel like until this week I rarely saw those two. It made things very boring.

The next day I had basically no time but I squeezed in a bot game with Ashe and one Image result for xerath lolwith Xerath. I’m not really sure what his deal is (I thought maybe he was a former slave given the chains, but it says he was a priest? I don’t get it) but he was pretty fun. I didn’t get the hang of his ultimate but it seems cool and I’m sure that if I continued to play him, I’d get there.

Aside from that, more information about the honor update is available now and it makes sense to me now why it starts at level 2 – it’s so that you can go down levels if you’re mean. Something I also think is cool is that you will sometimes get honor capsules which may just contain more key fragments, or they might contain champion shards or rare skins. Both skins are not ones I’m interested in, but the cool thing is that if you get one of those, it also unlocks the champion for you. And lord knows I can use more champion shards/champions in general.

And something called Order vs. Chaos is starting soon – I’m still pretty confused about the whole thing. I don’t know if this is an annual event or not or why it’s centered around Yasuo and Riven. I also think that the way they’ve set it up is 1000x more complicated than it needs to be (as is basically everything they do ever). But hey, the worst thing that will happen is that I just don’t participate; I don’t think it’s going to actually negatively impact my game experience. Except for the fact that there will be Yasuos fucking everywhere. I’ll just have to ban him in every game.

Games played: 9

% of PvP games that meet goal: 50%

Hours: 5

Champions played: Ahri, Morgana, Sona, Soraka, Ashe, Xerath 

Death snack of the day: Fries

2 thoughts on “Days 60 & 61 – Feel Xerath of my Love

  1. “Except for the fact that there will be Yasuos fucking everywhere. I’ll just have to ban him in every game.”

    Don’t worry, we all do.


  2. Maokai isn’t support. It was played as support for a while after his reworked cause of his saplings being OP if you build AP, but that has been tuned down twice I think so think of him as a Jungler now. Personally I think that Riot wanted to update his saplings so that he was better on jungle, but that got exploited and thus he was being played as support, but since that wasn’t the original intention (and was pretty broken) they changed it again so now nobody is playing Maokai anymore because he sucks everywhere now.

    Riot has been getting better and better on reworking champs, but now and then they still fuck up like with this one.


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