Days 66 & 67 – He Can Shield Them With His Body

Day 66 was just the latter half of the morning, so all I got in was another bot game with Veigar for the win of the day bonus, and a game with Morgana where I was lagging really badly. Our team had all kinds of other problems too, so we forfeited at 18 minutes.

Also, I looked into returning Annie – I can’t even go back that far in my account history, and all of the other champions that are visible are listed as non-refundable. But I did decide to return Fnatic Janna – I mentioned when I got it that I was disappointed but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that I could return it.

Instead, I bought Shadow Evelynn, which I mentioned the other day. I did say that I never play Evelynn and it’s unlikely that I will any time soon, but I can at least start playing her in bot games. It was the only one in that price tier that I wanted really, aside from Emumu.

So I did that, and I did better than I thought considering that I was playing her in lane. And someone complimented me on my skin! I’m not totally sure why people do that, because it’s not like I made it myself; it’s available to everyone but still nice I guess.

Then, I tried Veigar as a support in a PvP game because my first choice of Morgana was taken by the other team. I thought he might be a good counter to her since they’re kind of similar in that they both have stuns. Spoiler alert: it went terribly. Though I’m not sure if it was because of me or because of our team composition in general (I didn’t have a traditional ADC). I would like to try it again sometime because I still find playing him super fun.

I also played a game as Janna which also went terribly and I learned that I still hate her. I went from hating her to loving her to hating her again. (Although I do still love her Star Guardian skin. CAT UNICORN.)

And I played a really fun game as Sona in which our ADC remarked numerous times that I was carrying them, which was nice because normally all anyone does is complain. To be honest I was actually doing quite badly for the first 15 minutes (I died twice), but they were semi-new (they had played before but not for a long time).

maxresdefaultBut the best part of the day was that I actually saved up enough to buy Maokai! I practiced with him in a couple of bot games and then took him to PvP. The first game I played went badly, but no one complained about my performance and even though we lost I still found him really fun to play. I looked up what he used to be like before his rework so I could figure out why I like him now and didn’t before, and I think it’s his ultimate. It’s completely different now and just so satisfying to watch. And of course I like that it’s now socially acceptable to play him as a support, which means that the expectations of me are different and it’s okay if I don’t land many kills.

I remarked that I wasn’t sure why people all of a sudden started playing him as a support considering that he has no support-y abilities, but I figured it out – it is so he can soak up damage, as I theorized, but I think it’s mostly because two of his abilities have stuns (or roots hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa). In that way he acts the same way that Morgana or Lux do, except without the shielding ability. But that’s okay, because he can shield them WITH HIS BODY. (That sounds sexy.) Really I guess it’s more like Blitzcrank (from what I remember about him, anyway).

It’s nice to play someone different from all my other regular champions. He’s the first ‘tank’ I own, except for Garen, but I don’t even play him. I’d like to figure out what situations are best for a support like Maokai, and which are best for a support like Soraka. That could help me make better decisions in champion select, rather than just playing whoever I feel like (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I also played with and against Bard a couple of times because he’s on the free rotation and I’m still in love with him. HE’S SO CUTE. Super complicated, like there were a number of times that I was just like ??? what u doin, but fun and cute.

AND I ended up getting my mastery 6 on Soraka much quicker than expected, because I got enough ‘tokens’ from the Order vs. Chaos event to forge into a champion shard, which I then disenchanted into blue essence. (I didn’t really mind; it was for Caitlyn, who I don’t much care for.)

The bad news is that thanks to all of this experimentation, my numbers look preeeettyy bad for these two days but I swear, I’m more talented than I look. (Only just, though.)


Only two more (and one more blog post) to go….


Games played: 14

% of PvP games that meet goal: 50%

Hours: 8

Champions played: Maokai, Sona, Morgana, Veigar, Ashe, Evelynn, Janna, Kayle

Death snack of the day: Glossette raisins 

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