Days 68 & 69 – I’m Actually the Dumbest Person Alive, Maybe

On Saturday, I decided to experiment with Veigar in PvP in mid-lane. It didn’t go well, but Veigar-League-of-Legends-Wallpaper-full-HD-22I also feel like I didn’t get the best representation of it because I was facing Garen, who isn’t supposed to be a mid-laner. And also, I was following a guide online for his masteries which advised not to take Thunderlord’s Blessing as his keystone, which I think is what I had before. I think if I had that, I would have done better, so I’ll be changing that back. (Someone else in the game commented on it too. Rather rudely. They were kind of a dick.)

Aside from that, I focused on increasing my mastery levels for all the champions who were close to their next level. That was Janna, Anivia, and Morgana. I knew there was no chance of me getting enough IP to buy another champion (that I actually want) by the deadline, considering that these were the last two days, but I still wanted a goal, so there you go.

My game with Morgana went very well; I got an A- and my teammates were so appreciative! I certainly didn’t carry the whole game but I did carry my lane. (Not really sure what our ADC was doing, but they were a couple levels behind me all game.)

And the rest of my games went terribly! Well not really, I actually got an A with Janna, but the game didn’t meet my goal because I died 8 times.

I had a similar situation with Maokai – I died 9 times but got an A.

So yeah, I understand that my goal is kind of dumb and I should have probably used LOL’s grading system, as I’ve said before, but it’s too late now. So my numbers may end up looking worse than they maybe should, but oh well. (I guess I’ll find out in like half an hour, considering that I need to finish this project in its entirety tonight.)

Sunday was about trying to improve those numbers by playing games exclusively with Sona and Soraka.

That did not go so well. If anything, it just made it worse. Maybe I was just having an off day, I don’t know, but even in the games I did well in, I usually died more than 5 times.

I also ended up having to play a game as mid-laner because that’s what I got filled into. I played Lux, who is my best mid-lane champion, and I did well but not well enough. I was SO close to only dying 5 times though. Sooooo close.

Also, I’m pretty sure someone called me a cunt in one of my games as Sona because they felt I had stolen their kill (it was an accident, obviously; I was mostly just using whatever abilities I could to protect THEM – we were losing and people were dropping like flies). I had already apologized twice, too. I have a language filter on (although I’m pretty sure I didn’t always), so it could have been another four-letter bad word, but that’s my guess.

And then I did the dumbest thing imaginable, which was that I took pictures of our pets, because they were being adorable, and sent them to my boyfriend, without checking to see what was in the background. Which was my computer, with the LOL client open.

So I did what anyone would do in that situation and I tried to draw all over the pictures, hoping that the version I already sent him would somehow change its appearance. It did not; it just sent again, making things even weirder.

So I did what anyone would do in that situation and I sent him 30 GIFs of random things and then told him not to scroll up under any circumstances.

HONESTLY, I make it this far, THIS FAR, to the very last day, and then I do THAT.

I just…I’m impressed, truthfully.

So all in all, not the best last day, but not the worst either. I didn’t cry! So there’s that.

Now to put all the finishing touches on the blog and that’s a wrap!

Games played: 12

% of PvP games that meet goal: 33%

Hours: 9

Champions played: Veigar, Janna, Morgana, Maokai, Anivia, Sona, Soraka, Lux

10 thoughts on “Days 68 & 69 – I’m Actually the Dumbest Person Alive, Maybe

  1. About thunderlord on veigar, he can amass such a amazing amount of extra damage from his passive that there is a point at which if you land an ability you will kill a target, and Thunderlord becomes less than 1% of your overall damage. Altough in early game I definitely see that it would feel a lot more impactful.


    1. My bf also didn’t recommend Thunderlord’s, but he said it was because it was hard to proc unless you throw in basic attacks which he said is not worth it


  2. I just bookmarked your blog, I want to read all about this! (I read your boyfriend’s thread in reddit).

    Thanks for sharing this and I hope you’re really happy together.


  3. Questions:

    How do you feel about the over sexualized males like “thick like a door” Braum, “shirtless” Lee Sin and others models that don’t show the standard of the male body?

    Always take Thunderlord on veigar, easy to get 3 hits with full combo + porc thunderlord, didn’t read much on your farm with him and how well you are on the CS farming in general, the few screens you showed didn’t give a good feeling about it. Veigar in general should be really easy late game even with low farm (just need to hit people, even Veigar support is viable.

    No teemo? why no teemo? why no worship satan?


    1. Excellent question. I guess I never thought of them as over sexualized because (as far as I know) they are supposed to be amazing warriors, like according to their backstories, so that makes sense. Just like I don’t have a problem with Miss Fortune/Ahri because their appearance fits their stories.

      actually my bf told me NOT to take thunderlord’s. WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE


      1. I’ll quickly chime in on this. You almost always will want to take Thunderlord’s on Veigar. There may be niche situations where you could take a different mastery, but Thunderlord’s is the default. It gives a lot of harassing power in the early game and that’s what you want. Come late game, pretty much all other viable mastery options lose their efficiency anyway, just like Thunderlord’s.

        If you hit people with your E, there’s literally no way you don’t procc your TL since you can W+Q them or W+Auto them. Also, weaving in Auto Attacks, even on Mages, is still very important, so don’t dismiss them entirely.

        Lastly, I’d like to recommend this page if you’re unsure about what items to get, what masteries to get, which skills to max etc. It’s a very accurate site that only takes into account builds from Platinum and better players, so almost all of these sets are the “standard” versions that all players (even Pros) use most of the time. – or just to see also an overview of win rates etc.

        So if you wanna try out a new champion, you can just look him up and get an idea of what you should be building with them (obviously there’s situations where you want to adjust your build. Magic Resistance against a team that only has physical damage obviously doesn’t make sense e.g.).


  4. With Veigar (and many midlaners) it is generally a choice between Thunderlords and Deathfire Touch.

    Thunderlords requires a 3 hit combo of abilities and autos to proc it, and has a cooldown. It therefore favours bursty champions that chain their abilities, mainly assassins and burst mages. It is most effective in the early game and rewards early aggression with noticeably enhanced kill potential.

    Deathfire Touch has no cooldown and is applied on every hit, leading to greater overall damage during the game. Its disadvantage is that the damage is applied slowly over time. It scales with AP better than Thunderlords but is weak early on. It favours poke champs that will regularly land single abilities, and synergizes well with champs that already have DoTs in their kit (Brand, Malzahar, anyone who builds Liandries Torment).

    Like so many things in League, neither option is wrong. Your champion, your playstyle, and your team comp will all be factors in deciding which is optimal.


    1. Thanks for sharing! my boyfriend recommended stormraider’s surge for some reason, and the time that’s what was recommending as well. I see that that’s changed now though


      1. Stormraider is perfectly fine for Veigar, I think. It should be pretty easy to proc whenever you land a damage ability and it really helps with his poor mobility.


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