We Made a Video!

Lots of people have been asking us to stream, and while we do intend on doing that in the near future, for now here’s a short clip of my boyfriend (tect) showing me some last hitting techniques (also how to click the goddamn lantern….) and such.

We weren’t able to get game audio or our faces (we actually did record our faces, but then unforeseen technical difficulties arose), but hopefully it’s still entertaining for you guys and I promise that the quality will improve in the future!

If you are interested in seeing future videos and/or streams, I recommend following the youtube channel because I may not post them all here as well (that might get to be a bit much).

And there is also the subreddit that we made for the blog, which will contain updates about new blog posts AND videos:


3 thoughts on “We Made a Video!

  1. Hello Chealsea.

    Thank you so much for making this blog. Like most of everyone else, I came to the blog via Reddit.

    Like you, I am also female, but I’ve been playing games for a while, but only after adulthood, when I have the liberty to do whatever I want. I relate so much to your experience! And it’s so amazing that you’ve come so far for such limited time. I got to level 30 after a few months by playing 1 or 2 bot games everyday. I actually didn’t attempt Intermediate bots until level 20+ because I was playing with friends and we’re all new to the game so we’re all very limited at improving, and we all really prefer to play with each other as a team. We didn’t win intermediate bots until we focused on making a strategy! Nowadays I only follow the competitive scene and hasn’t really played much since season 4. I still like and understand the game, I just couldn’t handle my performance anxiety.

    For me, the reality of toxic games only starts to hit when I try out games without my friend or by myself. While I didn’t really meet people who are mean to me specifically because I’m female, they were mean and toxic in general, as I thought any competitive game would. I probably have performance anxiety and I don’t do as well as I know I could as well, so that has deterred me to continue much of PvP. I’m quite competitive, but I don’t like to suffer the bad consequences that I don’t deserve. If I were to go back to League of Legends, maybe I will set goals like you too! It might help.

    You seem to love being support! I love to support too. But that was only when I first starting to play LoL. As I begin to develop my arsenal, I especially love assassins (Kat, Talon, Zed, Ahri– she was considered an assassin then she got reworked into a ‘mage’), and would play Katarina whenever I would. But as I progressed I realised having 350 ping by default does not help me at all. I then decided I would transition into becoming an ADC/Support player. It worked well for me. I love ADCs! There’s just something fun about not need to wait for cooldowns and auto-attacking. Then I’ve seen decided to switch to my home server (SEA) and started to climb the ladder. I reached a decent rank before I decided to stop playing.

    Can I share some of my favourites?:
    -ADC: Corki Jinx Lucian
    -Mid: Kat, Ahri, Annie
    -Support: Sona, Nami, Thresh, Morgana (I play a mean Soraka, and she is my first support too!)
    -Top: Nasus, Garen… I don’t have much champs for Top even tho I have to play Top the most.

    Oh yeah, like you I also don’t like to jungle because I felt like I don’t know what I’m doing and I’ll mess up the ganking, since I see JG as the most important role. But my pocket JG picks are Udyr and Evelyn! Maybe you’ll end up being a Jungle main, or any other role as time goes by! Who knows. 🙂

    As a player, I’m more focused on gaining objectives and pushing lanes! I don’t necessary hunger for kills, but rather I hunger for advantage and strategic maneuver. I think that part of League of Legends is my favourite!

    I especially love that we shared the view about Female character designs in the game, where they’re not made to be just sexy or beautiful, they’re powerful with their own storylines and a lot of them do not strictly fit into classic femininity, like Vayne, Shyvanna, and Rek Sai. I believe games are for everyone if you want to make it so. However it is true that there’s a big general trend that females does not like competitiveness (as it reflects aggressiveness or violence, and many are uncomfortable doing that, preferring to be protective and group-work). My personality perhaps is a combination of Lux, Lulu, and Jinx. I do feel many characters represent me, or at least a facet of me. (But dude more Asians please now it’s just Ahri, lel)

    In the games I come from, Supports are the most important role, as they are the life and death of the team. When I start playing LoL I was really upset how Supports are literally punching bags and unimportant compared to that. It was something I had to adjust. When I first started, supports even less gold than they do now! All we could afford were some pots, and shoes, and we had to run around scared for ourselves. It’s a lot better now, but I think there’s still a lot to be done to generate resources exclusively for supports.

    Lastly, I totally sincerely did not mean to compare our experience or us as persons as all! If that’s how it came across, I’m sorry. I just felt like I need to share with someone, and especially you! Thank you so much for letting me have a good walk down your memory lane! And it’s so sweet that you took so much time and effort to show support for your SO. You’re both so lucky!! I’m so happy for you.

    Your other blog on mental health is also tremendously interesting to me. I need to take a break from reading but once I have time, I’m surely to read them too, as I’m also very interested in Psychology in general. I also play an instrument, as I have abandoned my Piano for more than 10+ years, and recently just picking back up, as a form of.. Therapy? Self-meditating? It’s very nice to know you’re also interested in Music!

    I look forward for many things to come, if there’s at all! I have subscribed to your YouTube channel too. I understand you need time for that, so I’ll be patient. Thank you for bringing all the good vibes and all the best to you.



    1. Lmao! Thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful comment 🙂 You totally didn’t come off the wrong way at all. It’s really nice to hear about other people’s experiences and know that others have experienced the same things that I am! Glad you share my views on the female characters thing, I think a lot of people took that part the wrong way. And thank you so much for reading my other stuff too! Everything on my other site is at least a year old so some of it isn’t entirely reflective of who I am now, but still worth reading I think.


  2. Nice! I’m at work right now, but will make sure to check the video out in a bit and will head to the subreddit as well.

    Good luck and have fun!


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