All My Dreams Are Coming True!

Exciting announcement!!

We are thrilled to be able to tell you that we will begin streaming regularly on August 30th!

Starting then, you can catch us on Twitch on Sundays from 12-3, Wednesdays from 9pm – 12am, and Fridays from 6-9pm (all EST).

Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize that – we have it posted here on this page and pretty much everywhere else.

We also set up a bunch of new social media, so you can also follow those for notifications of new posts, videos, and when we’ll be live. (The Instagram will probably mostly be pictures of our pets, though.) 

All of those links are to the right so please follow us via whatever platforms work best for you to make sure you don’t miss anything!

We will still be posting highlight and lesson videos to Youtube by the way if live streams aren’t your thing.

We’ll be streaming games where we play together, but tect will also be streaming his ranked games. He was Platinum 3 last year in solo queue, and likely could have climbed higher if I hadn’t come along and ruined everything by taking up all his time. Currently he’s unranked in solo queue so you can follow his journey starting from the bottom! 

UNTIL then we will be streaming every now and then just to get a feel for things. Our first test will be tonight (Sunday) at 8-10pm EST – if you happen to be around, feel free to join in!

And as always if there is anything in particular that you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll do our best!

This week, as I’m sure everyone is aware, 5 new Star Guardian skins were announced, including Star Guardian Soraka! This has been my dream ever since I saw the Star Guardian skins, because I mean, she’s perfect. She makes way more sense than Poppy (or Syndra, but we’ll get to that).

It was especially funny because the night before the announcement was made, I was looking at fanart of a possible Star Guardian Soraka, I asked tect, “Do you think they’ll make any new Star Guardian skins?” And he said, “Probably not.” His reasoning (that they would likely make more ‘villain’ skins to round things out) was sound but I am so thrilled that he was wrong.

I am disappointed that you hardly ever get to see Soraka’s little friend in her skin, but other than that, it’s amazing. No complaints there. They even added wings! That makes her a pegacorn, a la Taylor Swift’s fabulous 2014 Halloween costume. (Seriously – it’s cute, but it also looks WARM. Which in Canada is a huge problem on Halloween.)

I love the other skins as well, and I love that they added a male guardian. Ezreal, AKA Sparkle Man, is the perfect choice there. His skin could be a little more Star Guardian-y, but I appreciate the effort. However, Syndra?? Really?? I mean at least they’re not completely changing her identity with lines like Star Guardian Ahri’s “there are no good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out” when she kills her, but still. Couldn’t they have picked someone else? (That said though, if they continue along that vein, Star Guardian Lissandra would be hilarious).

Sona, Ashe, Orianna, Irelia, Karma, Kayle, Akali, Annie, Diana (duh), Leona (also duh), Fiora, Illaoi (maybe), Sivir, Vayne and Shyvana (seriously how cool would that one be) would all be great contenders for future years. And others I’m sure. Really, just put literally any character in a Star Guardian costume and I’m happy.

But what I REALLY want is a Tuxedo Mask. They could call him, like…Suit…something. Apparently there are no real synonyms for the word ‘mask’ in English. But I’m sure they could think of something! They could even make it a character who already wears a mask, like Jhin or Viktor. 

In not-Star-Guardian news, URF is out! I have been so excited to play this game mode for so long. So long that I think I built it up in my head to be much, much better than it is. I was pretty underwhelmed my first two games. I actually really hated it – I spent nearly the entire time dead both times. It didn’t help that I was playing a champion on the free rotation for one of them. However, those games were with my boyfriend and I’ve already noted that most of the time I just feel bullied when I play with him.

The next day I tried a couple on my own and I had a much better time. I was still underwhelmed but I did all right. One game was with Ashe and that just felt like a normal Summoner’s Rift game except if the whole game was late game. Fun, but not mind-blowing. I was Morgana for the second one and that was more fun because I had a permanent shield, but I still felt kind of ‘meh’ about it.

I think I was expecting something akin to what an ARAM would be like on URF – just all out insanity. Something that was almost unplayable but hilarious because of that. I’ve read that that was a thing at one point so I hope they bring that back!

I didn’t expect it to just be a faster version of a normal Summoner’s Rift game. That said though it’s still good practice for normal late game and a way to potentially try new champions in PvP in a lower pressure environment (although I still saw some people being salty in the games I was in…).

I’d also like it more if you could choose your champion – I don’t think it’s fair to make players play on Summoner’s Rift with a random champion, especially players who don’t know how to play every champion and therefore run the risk of getting one from the free rotation and being totally confused. But I also understand why it is that way.

I guess the difference between me and the majority of players is that I don’t really want to win as much as I just want to laugh and be entertained.

Even without URF, I pretty much only play ARAMs now, and bot games if I need to accomplish a specific thing like learn a new champion. It’s just so much less frustrating and at this point I’m straight up just better at it, provided that I’m playing a champion I know how to play. Recently I’ve received As or even Ss on many champions that I likely would not get those grades on outside of ARAMs (and yes those were games with all real people).

One thing I do find frustrating though is that I seem to always get the same few champions – Maokai, Soraka, Anivia, Warwick and Blitzcrank are my most common I think. And aside from Warwick, those are all champions I’m good at, so that’s fun and all, but I’d also like the opportunity to try new things.

Playing so many ARAMs has meant also playing lots games where many of the players in the game are bots, so I am pretty used to it now. I sort of forget that some people have never encountered that before, despite the fact that my first time was only a few weeks ago.

I played one game as Ahri where I thought I was the only human in the game (on either team) because I was the only one with either a keystone mastery/honour/skin/non-default icon – any of those things that would indicate that someone is a human.

But at the end of the game, after demolishing the other team, their Quinn started saying that the game was rigged in order for Ahri (me) to win.

Now, maybe this is just something that bots say, or maybe this person was kidding, but if this person was actually human they likely were lower level because they didn’t have a keystone or anything like that. And therefore maybe they would be unfamiliar with this kind of situation, or realize that rigging a League game is basically impossible as far as I know.

So I said, “Wait you’re human? I thought I was the only real person!” and explained the situation to them. They weren’t having any of it though. In closing I said something like, “It sucks, but I have encountered this a number of times. Best of luck next time though!”

So yeah, I guess I’m wondering what you guys think. Do you think they were human? A really convincing bot? And if they were human, do you think they really believed the game was rigged or do you think they were kidding or just salty?

In another “are they telling the truth or not?” situation, in another ARAM one of our team members disconnected late in the game, and someone else (I assume their friend) was begging our team not to report them. They said that the player was having computer issues and that they were “crying right now” because they didn’t want to get reported. They even said they would buy us all RP!

Now, I never report people for AFK or disconnecting because shit happens. Your pet/kid/whoever needs something, you’re burning dinner, the phone or doorbell rings, your Internet just straight up sucks, or your boyfriend who you’re trying to surprise comes home from work early.

But it bothered me that they were trying to bribe the team with RP, so I reported THAT person instead. (By the way, they never bought us RP anyway.)

I did wonder though if said player was actually that upset and if so, why they would be. Are the consequences for being reported really that severe? I thought that you just got banned from chat or got locked out of playing games for a short while. It doesn’t sound all that scary or like much of a deterrent at all, honestly.

Death snack of the week: Two-Bite Brownies

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