I LOVE Being The Centre Of Attention

Sorry it’s been a while guys – I have changed up my posting schedule in order to adjust for our streaming schedule. So new posts will now be up every Thursday!

Launching our stream has been such a great experience and I’m so grateful for anyone who has taken time out of their day to watch us. I really want our stream to be a positive community and so far everyone has been so pleasant and supportive of one another. Be proud of yourselves for being a part of that! If you missed it, there is a highlight video up on youtube now. But we stream 3 times a week and we tried to add in a variety of times to work with different time zones – you can check out that schedule right here. 

Aside from that, the highlights of my week were buying Aurelion Sol (yes, I know) and getting to try out Bard again! I feel like every time I play him, he grows on me even more. At first I just liked him for his hilarious sounds, and then I liked him for his hilarious sounds AND his whole chime-collecting thing. I still love both of those things, but this was the first time I really enjoyed using his actual abilities. I think I’ll be buying him next with IP.

I won’t talk too much about A Sol because there will be a lesson video on him up next week, but TL;DR: he’s hard, I know, I don’t care. He’s a motherfucking space dragon.

I also tried out Corki for the first time. He’s…really weird? Like I don’t know how I never noticed how weird he is before. Everytime ‘the package’ came up, I was like….the package??? 😏😏😏 But besides that, he was pretty fun. His package-empowered W goes FAR.

I tried Rumble again for the first time in a long while, and I actually didn’t like him very much. The first time I played him, I noted that I had a hard time controlling his Q, and I thought that would have changed by now considering that it’s been several months, but nope. I also found it hard to hit all of his other abilities. That said though I did make a game-winning play with his ult in an ARAM, according to tect.

I played Ivern as well and can I just say how much I wish that support Ivern was a thing? I think he’s totally capable of supporting given that he has a root AND a shield (just like Lux and Morgana). Sure, his bushes are kind of useless, but…it’s fine!!! It’s fine. Right?? (Please say yes, I want to play him so badly.)

The rotating game mode for the past couple weeks has been Blood Moon. I’m not a huge fan of it; it kind of felt like a more boring version of Ascension (I say more boring because you can only play a small handful of champions).

I know you guys are probably expecting me to talk about the Star Guardian skins given how excited I am for them but they literally just came out, so next week!

For now though, there is a new ‘Which Star Guardian Are You?’ quiz out, which I am stoked for. I loved the original quiz and was thrilled to find that it existed a few months ago, and I thought that my results were pretty accurate. I don’t like this one as much – partially because you get a randomized selection of questions each time, therefore it’s kind of hard to get a reliable answer. I took it a few times and got Soraka, Ezreal and Ahri. I didn’t feel like any of their descriptions fit me as well as the Lux and Jinx results did, but Soraka was definitely closest and the first result I got.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.15.31 PM

Let’s be real though, I LOVE being the centre of attention. I still think that the most accurate result I’ve gotten was Star Guardian Jinx:

You are a rebellious spirit who craves freedom above all. It takes some time for you to warm up to people, but once you make a friend, there is nothing you won’t do to protect them. You’re annoyed by people trying to run your life and find a regular routine boring. You may doubt yourself at times, but your true friends know that you will accomplish incredible things. You swallow gum probably more often than you should.

5 days after I took that quiz, I quit my job. So I guess you could say that I hate routine.

Go do the quizzes and let me know what your results are! You can find the new one here and the old one here.

Death snack of the week: Rolo hot chocolate

P.S. Thank you thank you thank you for 300 followers on Twitch and 150 subscribers on Youtube! Next goal – 500 on both! Let’s make it happen people!

P.P.S. Initial thought just from overhearing tect playing Star Guardian Ahri – is it just me or did they base her voiceover on beauty vloggers?? (No shade; I love me some beauty vloggers.) Byeeeeeeeee!




5 thoughts on “I LOVE Being The Centre Of Attention

  1. Why shouldnt Ivern support be a thing? His passive is more jungle focused but his shield has a pretty low cooldown so he can be a decent support with for example Ardent Censer. Additionally there is one ADC that loves brushes and that is Caitlyn. Caitlyn is pretty lane dominant, but getting her headshot more often through Iverns brushes makes her even stronger in lane.


      1. Regarding Ivern support;
        Yes, it can be done. However it is very hard and you might be banned because of it simply because it is considered a “troll pick”
        The aim of it is the same as Singed support and therefore it could be considered a “troll” pick. Long story short, there was a Singed support main in very high elo who got banned because his team hated how he was playing it although it was very effective.
        But let’s go into what Ivern support is aiming to do during the laning phase; his goal is the usual support tasks, but because of Ivern’s passive (taking camps) he also aims to steal away the opponent’s jungle camps. Mainly blue buff and gromp. This further allows for deep warding.
        Because you are taking smite instead of exhaust/ignite Ivern’s bot lane will be weaker than the opposing bot lane. You will also leave the lane which further weakens the adc whi has to gibve up farm and play safe. It is not a very good time for the adc. The difference between Bard and Ivern support is that Bard roams to collect chimes, ward and gank other lanes while Ivern do not aim to help other lanes. This annoys a lot of player because it is not so easy to see he impact stealing camps has on the opposing jungler.
        Ivern support demands very good decision making which is further enhanced because it is very clear what youa re trying to do. The opponent will ward their jungle camps, but a crafty Ivern players will also paly around that knowing that the opponent knows.
        That’s it for Ivern support.
        On a side note; bushes are very good for tricking your opponent into beig careful. They will be hesitant to face check (walking into an unwarded bush) in case there are more of your team there. It is also very good for kiting around and de-aggro minion waves. When you walk into an unwarded bush opposing minions will stop attacking you. Be careful though, the opponent can do the same.
        Daisy, Ivern’s ult is very good for tower diving especially if you have a jungler with you.
        Cheers and have a good one.


      2. Hey Mudochi, Sorry about that – your comment did go through, it just got caught in my spam filter for some reason! Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response, I never thought that an Ivern support would be played that way. I also never heard of Singed support! Very interesting.


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