We are Chelsea AKA WishUponStarcall (formerly chelsearrr) & Primetime tect, League of Legends players, bloggers, and Twitch streamers.

At the beginning of 2017, Chelsea decided to learn League for Primetime in order to surprise him for their first anniversary on June 26th, 2017. Over 6 months, she documented her journey on this blog so that her boyfriend could follow along after the surprise reveal.

He loved the surprise so much that he shared the blog on reddit, where it got more attention than we ever could have imagined!

As a result, we decided to continue the project in whatever way we could. The blog now consists of similar kinds of posts as before – posts about Chelsea learning stuff – in addition to general reflections/opinions. Chelsea no longer updates regularly but she will keep posting when she feels she has something to say. Primetime and Chelsea streamed together on Twitch from Sept 2017 – Jan 2021. Chelsea decided she wanted more time to focus on other projects, so she now only joins the stream on occasion. See this page for our current streaming schedule.

We no longer regularly post on social media, but if you want to check out our past youtube highlights & social media posts, all of our social media is to the right.

Since Chelsea no longer updates frequently we recommend following this blog via the buttons to the right to be notified of new posts!

19400483_10155469276828293_4094938787986300045_oAbout Chelsea (WishUponStarcall) –  Chelsea currently works for a large investment firm in Canada. At the time of the original project, she was primarily a writer, blogger, and mental health advocate. Her personal blogs & speeches are no longer public for the most part, but if you are interested in seeing them, get in touch with us. Her current projects include working on a novel for young adults, trying and failing to get better at singing and playing ukulele, and hopefully when this pandemic ends, going to the gym and maybe even taking a barre/ballet class or two. Chelsea no longer plays Summoner Rift, but when she did, she mained Soraka with a side of Sona and played support. Currently, she still enjoys playing ARAMs but she mainly plays TFT, LoR and Wild Rift. She is in her late twenties currently, and lives in downtown Toronto with Primetime, their cat Genie, and their dog Navi. She is very much aware that when she dyed her hair blonde, she looked exactly like Bjergsen. She became engaged to Primetime in late 2018 and their wedding has been rescheduled a grand total of 3 times so far. Currently, it is set for June 2022.


About Primetime tect – Primetime has been playing League of Legends since season 4 and is usually ranked somewhere in Platinum.  He peaked at Diamond 4 in season 8. You can watch his solo queue journey on our Twitch stream. He used to be Yasuo main, but doesn’t fit into any of the associated stereotypes. Now, he usually plays top or jungler, and he also plays lots of other champions, including the spider lady that Chelsea hated, Renekton, Singed, Samira, Lissandra and many more. As a young adult, he was formerly one of the top Super Smash Bros. Melee players in Canada and still enjoys playing with his friends in his spare time. His other hobbies include getting really excited about dogs. His hometown is Ottawa but he currently lives in downtown Toronto with Chelsea, their cat Genie, and their dog Navi. He is in his early thirties and is a barista-turned-manager by day (and sometimes night). He became engaged to Chelsea in late 2018 and their wedding has been rescheduled a grand total of 3 times so far. Currently, it is set for June 2022.